Advanced hockey analytics that
drive winning.

Simply the best data available, anywhere

Collected, recorded and verified for maximum accuracy

We track our own data

Every facet of each game is observed and recorded through our intensive video analysis process, yielding over 100x the statistical resolution of typical tracking methods.

Diving deep

Our ultra-low level analysis allows us to identify statistically significant factors faster and more accurately than has ever been previously possible.

Objective insights

Our system statistically breaks down each area of a player's game, providing objective insight into performance tendencies. Our baseline benchmarking, advanced player comparisons, line matching, and detailed team breakdown capabilities are unparalleled in the market today.

Qualified decisions

Using our asymmetrical data, our partners can draw individual and specific conclusions on the contribution and value of a player, and qualify decisions to positively influence both the player and the team.

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Stathletes is a Canadian company, founded with the purpose of developing a comprehensive statistical database to drive winning in hockey through real, actionable data.

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